Prana” adapted its name from the Sanskrit for “breath” and is a concept used in Ayurveda and Yoga techniques. According to Veda philosophy, it is the concept that there is a force that sustains life and energy in all living beings. Prana SpaCeuticals™ intends on being the energy that will “Breathe Life into Your Skin” through the use of invigorating, all-natural ingredients that have been specially formulated to target unique skin concerns.

Prana SpaCeuticals™ believes that it is imperative to follow the laws of nature in order to enhance the quality of the skin through only the finest, all-natural ingredients found on Earth. This philosophy ensures that the ingredients are working in tandem with the skin’s chemical make-up to produce flawless results, without causing further damage. In order to adhere to this method of development, Prana SpaCeuticals™ follows these important guidelines: 

  • Finding sources that farm organically
  • Stabilize antioxidants naturally
  • Knowing ingredients that give Natural Absorption
  • Using plant extracts: Natural pigments and natural aromatics
  • Keeping products free from synthetics, parabens, and harsh lathering agents (SLS)
  • Using environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Completely steers away from any form of Animal Testing

Indulge in our luxurious facial using our Prana and PCA  range of skin-care target to your skin type.

Maintain my skin : Cleansing of the skin, exfoliation, facial steam, massage, masque and moisturizer. $80 ( 60 minutes)

Deep Cleansing : Cleansing of skin, exfoliation, facial steam, masque and moisturizer.  $60 ( 45 minutes)

My Glowing Skin : All time favorite from our list!! For clients who wish for a clear and bright skin. Also for clients who have blemishes or fine lines on their skin. Cleansing of skin, light acupressure massage, facial peels or cream micro-dermabrasion , masque, speciality serum treatment infusion and a sun block-moisturizer.$120

Acne skin : For acne problems. Cleansing, exfoliation or skin peels, accupressure massage, acne extraction, masque, moisturizer. $110

Just Peel : For clients who just want a peel done. Cleansing of face, peel, sunblock-moisturizer. $70

Express Facial : For clients who wants a quick upkeep of their skin $45 ( 30 minutes)

PCA skin

As the body’s largest organ, human skin is responsible for heat regulation, absorption, secretion, protection, excretion and sensation. This amazing organ does a great deal for the body, and it is also what the world sees about a person first. It’s not surprising that skin conditions can feel overwhelming, affecting not only a person’s appearance, but also their self-confidence and overall demeanor. At PCA, we understand that healthy skin is a vital part of a happy and healthy life. That’s why our commitment stretches beyond developing and producing best in-class skin care products that deliver on their promises. PCA SKIN also offers exceptional skin care education and certification for physicians and licensed skin health professionals. While it is important for patients to be knowledgeable about their own skin health, nothing replaces the individualized care provided by a licensed professional. The information on these pages will help you understand the basics about some common skin conditions and help you start a conversation with your clinician about the unique needs of your skin and the goals you would like to achieve.